Raising an eyebrow in amusement, Luhan crosses bare arms over his chest, “I couldn’t agree more, of course, but I’ll have to escort you to the front, it’s protocol.” That, and Jaejoong would kill him if he knew that he let someone in this way, “Feel free to try again some other time, hmm~?” One hand lifts to curl a finger, giving the other a chance to come along on his own.

Even when his charms don’t work and he’s denied access through the back door, Ka-yee’s grin doesn’t waver. In fact, he might actually be trying to act cute. “Just this once?” he asks, lifting his hand and extending his index finger. “Just this once, couldn’t you let me in through here?”

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28th Jul
{text} You choose the place and I'll meet you there, somewhere we can be alone. He might follow me at some point and I don't want him to know where you live.



As soon as Miryo read the text from Alaric, she made a call to one of her regular clients asking for a favour. 

[text] I will text you an address. Meet me there. Don’t worry, its not my place. Can’t wait to see you. 

Even before Alaric’s arms or lips found her, she felt the overwhelming desperation from him. The emotions were too strong that they almost made the demigoddess stop in her tracks. Almost. But there was no time to waste. Every single second she had with him precious, more precious to the Eris child than her own life. 

Then his hands found her face and he kissed her as if she was the air that that kept him alive- filled with all the pent up emotions. The moment their lips met, a fire was ignited within her and nothing mattered but him. Only he existed in her world any more, as she clinged on to his shirt. She felt the dampness of his tears and was tempted to pull away and ask him what was wrong. But she already knew the reason. She pulled away slowly from the kiss as her lungs clenched at the lack of oxygen. Before she wouldn’t have pulled away, but now she was afraid to die. Because now she had a reason to live. “Alaric..all I ever want is you..”

She couldn’t help but pull him for another kiss as a few tears of her own escaped her closed eyes from the overwhelming emotions that consumed her. It was not just her own emotions that run through her veins any more, it was ‘their’ emotions. "I love you, my love..more than I could ever tell you..don’t leave me please.." She let him know in ways only they could communicate, without uttering a single world still enveloped in the kiss.

If Alaric could adapt to any power or mutation, he’d want it to be to have the ability to live without breathing because right now breathing is so much less important than Miryo and having every inch of her possible pressed against him. Despite how firmly he’s holding her and how hard he’s pressing his lips to hers, it’s almost not enough. And then she pulls away and— god, he feels like his heart is going to stop. 

He doesn’t answer her, not that he’d be able to find the words, but all he needs is her lips against his own again and everything is alright. His fingers thread through her hair as his other hand presses to the small of her back, holding her in place against him. As Alaric kisses her, he can hear her thoughts and feel every emotion that rolls off her as if it were his own. I love you, my princess, my beautiful, my everything. I love you more than the air I breathe, and I will never leave you. 

As he kisses the young woman, Alaric pulls her up against him so that when he moves she moves with him easily. He risks stumbling down the hall, despite knowing that the bedrooms could very well be empty and void of any furniture— but the couch does not seem suitable and the floor, even less so. He’s pleasantly surprised when the first door opens to reveal a fairly spacious room, though spacious only because the single piece of furniture occupying the room is a king-sized bed on a very sturdy looking white-wood frame. 

Alaric smiles against Miryo’s lips and he continues kissing her as he shuffles in and kicks the door closed. It’s not long before he’s laying her against the mattress, and he’s surprised once more by how clean everything appears to be— not that he cares all that much. He doesn’t care because he has Miryo both beneath him and against him and she feels so amazingly warm and welcoming and all he can think about is her.



Ice cream shop AU

Muse A is the owner of a small, independent ice cream shop in a small town. There’s a new regular that comes around every afternoon (Muse B)… Cute, fluff and romance ensues. 

Counting Stars AU

Muse A and B have been kicked out of their apartment and forced to live in the tiny trailer and pick up truck. This prompts an impromptu road trip in a search for a new home, new jobs and a new life.

New Girl AU

Just like the tv sitcom, muse A has just arrived at a new apartment, where muse B lives. It takes a while for things to settle in, but until then… Maybe there’s a prank or two every now and then, or maybe the two just click immediately…

A Friend In Need AU

Muse B is caught in an abusive relationship, and is deathly afraid to tell anyone. At work, their coworker, (Muse A) starts to notice that things aren’t quite right. But with Muse B fearing for their life, will they be able to continue hiding it, or will they spill everything? And if they do, will Muse B help them?

High-School Sweethearts AU

Muse A and muse B were deeply in love in highschool, but once college rolls around they loose touch. Eventually, years later muse A is planning their wedding and bumps into muse B (could be wedding planner or something) and as they begin to speak again, they realize that they are still in love with one another.

Photographer/Model AU

Muse A comes in weekly for their job: Being photographed by muse B, for a local magazine or project. The two have been working together for about six months now, but it feels like longer. Small touches to move the model the right way might end up with something more than an awkward laugh…

Librarian AU 

The local librarian, muse A can’t help but notice the one regular that  stays until closing time - muse B. After a few nights of talking, there seems to be an undeniable spark between the two…

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Inked in Color || Brian & Ka-yee 

The last time Ka-yee had visited the tattoo parlor, he had promised he’d be back in a week or two to get the coloring finished and touched up for the blossoms on his forearm. That had been three months ago. But his bike had broken a week after the visit and required more money than he had expected to fix it, even with the discounted parts and doing the labor himself. So money had been tight and making it in had been pretty much impossible. 

But he’s here now, standing in the lobby, waiting for the tattoo artist to come fetch him. They all know him by name now so he greets the other artists easily as they pass through and attend to their respective appointments as he waits for his own.

Concert in the Park || Myungdae and Samantha 


Thankfully, nothing else is said on the topic of Chanmin. He can tell Samantha is getting uncomfortable, and really… he doesn’t want her to think he’s not interested, because he is. He really is. It’s been a long time since he’s met anyone who can deal him the same shit he deals out and not have an issue with his near constant flirting. And he knows Chanmin is probably smug enough already, having been the one to suggest Myungdae to her. 

When she changes the subject with him, discussing the music, he smiles and then holds the other waffle out to her. “Sounds just about right. I know I wouldn’t like to hang around for hours, subjected to piss-poor music just to listen to a few good bands. I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes. If you’re good, you get noticed. If not, well… you’ll always have a home with mommy.” 

The way he says it is almost snide, but then he chuckles and shakes his head. He follows her closely, and then drops down on the grass next to her. It’s only when he’s sitting that he notices most others are sitting on blankets or coats or anything to keep their precious skin off the grass. “…What, are all these sad-saps allergic to green?” Rolling his eyes, he takes a bite out of his waffle and then glances towards her. 

The fact that she’s actually agreed to clubbing makes him grin that wolfish grin, and then he’s flopping back for just a moment. Mostly it’s to stretch out his back, and he does so by arching himself, until he hears the crack and then he’s sitting back up. “Great. I know a few places. Unless you do as well. We can work out where to go afterwards, if you want?” After a moment, he looks her over. “Didn’t know you did ballet, sweet-cheeks. Then again, the thought of you in one of those… leotard things, kind of a turn on.” 

"They’re more sensitive to the bugs and chemicals than we are," she says as she accepts the offered treat, also noting how everyone else seems to have a blanket to sit on. "And most kids don’t like the feeling of grass." After a moment, she remembers and she looks over at him. "You’ve lived among them long enough, pretty boy; you should know these things." ‘Should’ is much different than ‘actually does’, but she decides to let it go.

Samatha turns to watch him as he flops back and stretches out in a manner that makes his back pop, somewhat amused by the action. Then her attention is pulled back towards the stage as another song begins. Though, it doesn’t last long before he’s pulling her attention back to him, thinking as she takes a bite out of the waffle.

"The ‘where’ doesn’t really matter to me, so long as the music is loud and good." Because some DJ’s suck and wouldn’t know what good music is even if it hit them in the face. His next statement earns a grin and she turns back to the stage, well aware that he’s watching her now. "I look better without them on, to be quite honest," she replies, tone purposely adding even more suggestiveness to the statement. These games of his are quite fun to play, mostly because it’s a side of herself that never gets to come out and enjoy the freedom of not having to live up to any sort of expectations.

Can You Show Me That Again? || Xuan Wu & Alex 


Xuan Wu notes the way the boy starts to focus on more than just his hand. It’s an easy thing to notice, with the way his thoughts shift from alarm that the extremely attractive instructor was touching him to the way he actually focuses on his center. It doesn’t take very long, but then he’s moving on. The red head’s brother does surprisingly well, there’s very little to correct, and then he’s moving back to the front of the room. 

Fifteen or so minutes later, he calls the class to an end. It was a good first session for those who had never practiced those specific sets before, and although there were some little distractions - aka Mister-Cute-Red-Head-With-The-Non-Stop-Thoughts - it had passed by with little incident. He calls everyone to attention, hands sliding back behind his back as he looks over the class. 

"Well done on a first session, everyone. Lessons will be the same time next week. In the mean time, I want everyone to practice the meditation technique. Focus on your center, and try and meditate for at least an hour every day. Thank you for coming." 

With that, he ducks his head in a bow and then wanders over to where his bag sits, reaching for the bottle of water to take a mouthful. 

Elijah is still making fun of him. Alex doesn’t need to turn to look at him to know as much because it’s just what his younger brother does and he knows not to expect any less— not that he cares, because a happy little brother makes for a happy-slash-content older brother. Sure, he cares that he’s being made fun of, but he can always get the boy back later when he least expects it.

When the instructor returns to the front of the room, Alex tries oh-so hard not to stare at him. Instead, he focuses on his center, which is easy because he can still feel the spot where the male had placed his hand. He still fumbles, but surely it’s expected because it’s only the first class and while the red-head is use to people watching and evaluating his movements, it’s much different in a smaller group of people where everyone can see him at once.

The moment the class is called to an end, Alex let’s out a deep breathe and relaxes, instantly feeling more at ease. Elijah bounces over a second or two later, all cheeky grins as he pokes at his elder brother. Alex gets him back and eventually the younger boy gives up. “I’ll see ya at home, alright?” Alex says as he fetches his things. “Don’t go out and cause too much trouble.” Alex gives the boy’s hair a quick ruffle, at the same time reminding himself to pick up some hair dye later because the boy’s roots are showing and he’s sure his own are, too.

Then he’s crossing the now fairly empty room and approaching their instructor because he still feels back for acting like he had. He bows politely and then introduces himself. “Hello, I’m Alex. Alex Hwang.” He goes with the more Korean pronunciation of his name, as he always does. “I— Uhm… I’m sorry about earlier. My brother and I… we don’t do things like this often, especially together.”


{+} makersanddreamers | we-are-chasing-the-night | overdosexseoul


        ”Well, look who we have here. Are you lost, babe? The front entrance is the other way.” Cue the demon walking over, a grin plastered on his lips, “The back door is for us only.”

Ka-yee doesn’t flinch when he’s caught. He’s sneaking in the wrong way, so why wouldn’t he get caught? Instead, he turns to the approaching male and offers the most charmingly playful grin that he can. “Going through the front is boring, though,” he says. “Besides, this place just seems like the sort that demands someone make an unauthorized entrance.”